Some kind words from clients and students ...
Sophia’s bridal scrub/massage was simply amazing! The massage was extremely relaxing (particularly needed it due to pre-wedding stress!) and Sophia managed to personalise it to my particular needs. Also the scrub was naturally hand made. It was a full hour of goodness that left me looking radiant and ready for our big day. Thank you Sophia!
— Marcia V - Sheffield, U.K.
I had a consultation and have done an Ayurvedic detox and treatment plan with Sophia. I began treatment under her guidance after GP visits and prescription drugs failed to help with some ongoing health problems. I imagined some positive effects but I wasn’t expecting such profound differences in a short space of time. It has changed my wellbeing markedly in a number of ways. I’ve observed physical, visible and emotional differences in the space of week and learnt a lot about the way my body operates. Others have noticed changes in me. The quality of my sleep, the condition of my skin, my overall mood and even my body temperature have all also improved. Sophia has been brilliant along the way and was able to advise me about what to expect and answer any questions I had, offering complementary treatments to suit my dietary adjustments such an abdominal massage. I really felt like my whole self was being considered and nurtured and I would advise anyone who feels out of balance to undertake an Ayurvedic consultation with Sophia.’
— Lucy V - Sheffield. U.K.
Who would’ve known in under an hour my mental state was transformed, what I thought was just a foot massage, really felt like much more. I felt clear, relaxed and weirdly happy for an extended period of time. It made no sense to me how the two things we’re connected but the effect was really astonishing.
— Sahasra - Jakarta, Indonesia
I was skeptical about doing eye treatment at first as it’s something I’ve never experienced. However I’ve been suffering from dry, tired, computer strained eyes for a while due to my work. However during and after the treatments I felt at ease at Sophia took care every step the way.
Having oil on the eyes is a very relaxing experience actually & easy to get used to.
Would recommend this treatment to others that stare at computer screens all day. It made me feel amazingly fresh & the whites of my eyes were substancially clearer.
— A Narendradhipa - Sheffield,UK
I believe we all showed up here with a purpose. Sophia does what she was born to do and she lives what she is doing. That is the reason that her therapies always leaves me with a profound sense of peace, strength and clarity of own path and direction. Be it about physical, mental, emotional or spiritual wellbeing, her sessions have been playing a prominent role in me being able to enjoy more fully and - where needed - better my experience of life. I recommend her with love and respect.
— Gabriella K, Sheffield, UK